SİU 2021
SİU 2021



English Anonymous Paper Format and Content

  • Papers should be written in Turkish. However, if either mother language of at least one author of the paper is different than Turkish or the first author's affiliation is not from Turkey, English papers will be reviewed as well.
  • Maximum number of pages for a paper is four. All information which directly or indirectly indicates the authors' identities should be blinded.
  • The anonymous paper formats below are prepared according to A4-size paper format as presented in IEEE website (IEEE Templates)
    • The anonymous paper format prepared in Microsoft Word 2016: here.
    • The anonymous paper format saved in Microsoft Word 2003: here.
    • The anonymous paper format in PDF: here.
  • Do not use References, Symbols, Special Characters, or Math in Paper Title or Abstract.
  • Paper should be organized as two columns.
  • Times or Times New Roman fonts should be preferred for the paper. Font of the main text part generally should be in 10 pt size. Minimum font size for all text should be 7.5 pt. Further information is embedded inside the paper formats.
  • All tables and graphs should be readable and in high quality.
  • Page numbers should not be used.
  • File size of paper in PDF format should not exceed 8 MB.
  • All content should be inside 185 mm x 235 mm area. Regarding this, measures for A4 paper size presented below should be used.
    • Page top margin should be 20 mm and bottom margin should be 42 mm.
    • Left and right margins should be 13 mm.
    • Column width should be 89 mm and the gap between columns should be 7 mm
  • Before submitting the paper, it is recommended to double-check the format of the paper with printing the paper on white sheet. In the case of template usage, changing the paper sizes is generally not necessary.